Universidad de Murcia

Prof. Dr. Antonio Skarmeta

Facultad de Informática

Campus de Espinardo

30100 Murcia




UMU research group Telematics and Intelligent Systems (UMU-GSIT) from the Department of Communications and Information Engineering has experience on Internet of things, Smart cities, e-health and smart buildings. Additional, UMU research group works in telemonitoring tasks based on sensor and devices, designs and deploys research solutions for control systems, having a couple of patents in the area of building automation and remote monitoring systems. UMU-GSIT has been collaborating in different national and international FP research projects like Deserec, Enable, Daidalos, SWIFT and IoT6. UMU has already developed Movital and Monere platforms, integrating sensors and 6LoWPAN technologies.

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